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Impurity Isolation Purification
Isolation Purification of known and unknown Impurity from mg to g scale. We have executed most critical isolation and purification project in recent past,e.g Isolation Purification of known and unknown Impurity from drug product and APIs and and Structure elucidation.
Structure Interpretation
Study of spatial heterogeneity of reactants, products, or conditions by using 2-D NMR techniques involving Homonuclear correlation experiments like NOESY, DQF-COSY, TOCSY, ROESY and Heteronuclear correlation experiments like HMQC, HSQC, HMBC.
We have synthesized more than 5000 impurities as on date. VEEPRHO offer custom synthesis of impurity compounds on requests. For a quote on this service please submit the following information:
1) Structure of the impurity.
2) Name of the parent compound.
3) Required quantity.

All VEEPRHO products are supplied with certificates of analysis (COA). Standard certificates contain:
1. Identification by 1H-NMR and Mass spectroscopy.
2. Purity test by either HPLC or GC.
3. Other test like C NMR, TGA, C NMR, CHN, IR will be provide on request.
4. Custom Synthesis of impurity mg to g

VEEPRO offers world class service in chemical synthesis of a wide variety of organic compounds on the milligram to kilogram scale at competitive price.

- Multistep organic synthesis.
- Asymmetric synthesis using chiral auxiliary, catalysis, and resolution techniques.
- Metal-mediated reactions.
- Hydrogenation.
- Toxic chemistry.
- Peptide synthesis.

Our Most Frequent Custom Synthesis of Impurity Requests:

Small molecules
- Intermediates, APIs.
- Reference compounds.
After Isolation Purification of known and unknown Impurity from APIs and Drug products and it is be analyzed by LC-MS, HPLC, H and C NMR, FT-IR and elemental analysis (CHNS) to confirm its structure.
We are supporting our clients during their development work, validation, ANDA/DMF filing and we also support them if any FDA query comes after filing. And Data Interpretation with proper justification that will be acceptable to FDA.
Cost Effective Scientific Solution
We are manufacturing impurity in gm level. Our prices are lowest prices compare to others.
Lyophilization Services
We are providing this typical service, all kinds of sample which are very sensitive to temperature. We have Virtis 25EL, Capacity of freeze drying is 500 g/day.
More Than 5000 Certified Impurity In Sock
Our team keeps on reviewing latest pharmacopial monograph and also keeps the impurity standards ready with certification , to save the time of our users/Clients.

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