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Welcome to VEEPRHO PHARMACEUTICALS s.r.o Czech Republic, EU
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We offer a variety of services to support pharmaceutical industries to help identify and optimise pre-clinical candidates in the area of small molecules drug discovery. Our senior team members have years of experience in preclinical drug discovery in pharma industry. We are specialised in medicinal chemistry services, custom synthesis and providing innovative building blocks for pharmaceutical industry.
Our services include:
1. Synthesis of focussed libraries
2. Synthesis of Organic Scaffolds
3. Synthesis of NCEs
4. Custom chemical synthesis
5. Synthetic organic chemistry of all major chemotypes
6. Scale up to support in vivo efficacy and toxicity studies
7. Analytical method development
8. Commitment to achieve our customer’s goals

To meet our customer requirements and expectations, our teams provide tailor made research activities. Our discovery support service includes providing medicinal chemistry via FTE. Protecting the IP and respecting the confidentiality of our customers are top priorities at VEEPRHO. Our commitment is to deliver the unsurpassed quality of services and products at competitive prices.
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Veeprho Pharmaceuticals s.r.o
Veeprho Pharmaceuticals s.r.o can offer with expert technical support, RRT, RF and other Characterization data 1H NMR, MASS, IR, TGA and HPLC. We have sales offices across the world India, EU and US offering over 5000 Impurity Reference Standards for you to choose from.
Impurities may have a significant influence on the effects of drug products or may cause unwanted side-effects. Guidelines and limits for many impurities are described in the pharmacopeia monographs. The VEEPRHO branded Pharmaceuticals impurity standards specification generally include Chromatographic purity, Water content/volatile matter by TGA and structure confirmation by NMR and IR. Impurity Reference Standards are highly-characterized, physical samples used in testing by pharmaceutical company ensures the identity, strength, quality and purity of medicines. VEEPRHO’s Reference Standard collection consists of more than 5000 impurities and 25-30 new impurity standards are added per month.
About Us
VEEPRHO PHARMACEUTICALS s.r.o is an independent research support company specializing isolation and purification of Impurity by preparative HPLC and the custom synthesis of complex molecule. We supply Certified impurity standards with Characterization data, worldwide to client base that includes major pharmaceuticals industry. Our expertise offers a unique combination of capabilities in provide complete solution to Pharmaceuticals industry for Impurity Reference Standards and Metabolites.

We provide services to Pharmaceuticals industry clients. Our highly motivated professional team of scientists carries out various synthesis of Impurities / Metabolites with quality.
Our Team
Post doctorate and Post graduate in organic Chemistry are working with us has over 18 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. They worked in various Pharmaceutical companies, having knowledge of US and European regulatory agencies in filing ANDA and DMF, Impurity isolation, synthesis of impurity, Lab compliances, analytical equipment, formulation process and other utility equipments. They are also expert in Research, Manufacturing and Marketing of Pharmaceuticals dosage forms, API, Intermediates and current pharmaceuticals business.

VEEPRHO PHARMACEUTICALS s.r.o is involved in research of Impurities synthesis, metabolite, intermediates and APIs chemical synthesis. We have strategically developed business model. We work closely with our client ensure product quality and regulatory compliance. We provide cost-efficient solutions to our clients.

New impurities added in the month of May
Silodosin Impurities : Silodosin Dehydro Impurity, Silodosin Carboxylic Acid, Silodosin (S)-Isomer, Silodosin Depropanol Impurity and Silodosin N-Oxide

Oxytetracycline Impurities : Oxytetracycline EP Impurity C / 2-acetyl-2- decarbamoyloxytetracyclin

Primaquine Impurities : Primaquine Phosphate Secaquine Impurity

Celecoxib Impurities : Celecoxib Isomeric Impurity / Celecoxib Isomer Impurity / Celecoxib EP Impurity B, Celecoxib 2-methyl analog / 4-Desmethyl-2-methyl Celecoxib and Celecoxib Carboxylic Acid

Etoricoxib Impurities : Etoricoxib USP Related Compound A and Etoricoxib USP Related Compound B

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